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Bavington Parish Council



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February 2023 agenda.pdf24 January 2023203kB


Bavington Parish Council meeting on the first Thursday of February, May, August and November


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August 2022 agenda.pdf26 July 2022197kB
February 2022 agenda.pdf24 January 2022189kB
May 2022 agenda.pdf14 April 2022148kB
November 2022 agenda.pdf25 October 2022193kB


The next meeting of Bavington Parish Council will be held on Thursday 3rd February 2022 commencing 7pm in Great Bavington URC meeting room

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August 2021 agenda.docx26 July 202138kB
February 2021 agenda.docx26 January 202139kB
May 2021 agenda.docx07 May 202141kB
November 2021 agenda.pdf25 October 2021195kB


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August 2020 agenda.docx11 August 202039kB
February 2020 agenda.docx11 August 202036kB
November 2020 agenda.docx27 October 202038kB
Extraordinary meeting agenda 7 December 2020.docx01 December 202037kB


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annual agenda 2019.docx23 April 201914kB
February 2019 agenda.docx11 August 202036kB
August 2019 agenda.docx11 August 202035kB
November 2019 agenda.docx11 August 202035kB
May 2019 agenda.docx11 August 202035kB


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february 2018 agenda.docx22 January 201834kB
may 2018 agenda.docx24 April 201835kB
annual agenda 2018.docx24 April 201814kB
august 2018 agenda.docx31 July 201835kB
November 2018 agenda.docx11 August 202035kB


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feb 2016 agenda.docx16 February 201733kB
may 2017 agenda.docx09 May 201733kB
annual agenda 2017.docx09 May 201713kB
august 2017 agenda.docx26 July 201733kB
november 2017 agenda.docx23 October 201733kB


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feb 2016 agenda.docx16 February 201733kB
august 2016 agenda.docx16 February 201733kB
november 2016 agenda.docx16 February 201734kB
may 2016 agenda.docx16 February 201733kB