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B4NTR Broadband

Added at 12:51 on 15 October 2020

LATEST NEWS - OCTOBER 2020 B4NTR is coming! Lets get ready to join the party! We hope that you are all well and surviving the virus. We are sorry that the Covid restrictions have limited our door to door activities and slowed this project down - but behind the scenes things have still been happening! If, like us, you have been trying to use your Internet connection more recently - whether it’s for working from home, skyping (other methods of Zooming are available) friends and relatives, distance learning or watching Netflix (or ‘catch-up’ TV without that very annoying wheel in the centre) - you will be appreciating what an important tool this is - or could be! This will undoubtedly continue to be recognised in future with rural businesses increasingly important - don’t get left behind - help yourself AND your local community by applying for your Government Gigabyte Voucher scheme NOW (see reverse) Barrasford area have met their targets - routes have now been walked, nearly all Wayleaves agreed and we hope that actual digging will start later this year. iNorthumberland and the Borderlands Growth Incentive ( approve B4RN as a provider of internet services in this area - and provide extra funding to ‘top-up’ the existing GVS (NB no-one else is offering their services to us all!!) Further progress has been achieved in Allendale with 2 new cabinets installed in September - look out for more news from South Northumberland!! More info: and 

HOW TO APPLY FOR: YOUR GOVERNMENT BROADBAND VOUCHER The all-important link to government Gigabit Voucher Scheme sign-ups is - Complete the form, look out for the response from DCMS (Dept. Culture Media and Sport ( - check your junk folder) and reply to that. You will be contacted when your local ‘champion’ gets notification of your successful application. Remember that applying for these vouchers cost you nothing! They are a promise to take up the broadband service when available - and there will be no cancellation fees if you change your mind.